Dr. Carlos Fontes

Managing Director


Estrada do Paço do Lumiar, Campus do Lumiar, Edifício E – R/C, 1649-038 Lisboa, Portugal

Dr. Carlos Fontes

Prof. Carlos Fontes, received his DScAgr degree in 1991 from the Technical University of Lisbon. Working at Prof. Harry J. Gilbert laboratory, he was awarded the PhD degree in 1995, by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK). Work developed by Prof. Carlos Fontes research group, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Lisbon, provided several relevant contributions in the fields of carbohydrate bioengineeringand the function of plant cell wall degrading protein complexes (also termed cellulosomes) (Brás et al., 2011; Brás et al., 2012; Luís et al., 2013; Montanier et al., 2011), including the study of structure and function relationships in feruloyl esterases (Prates et al., 2001; Tarbouriech et al., 2005). Prof. Fontes is the managing Director of NZY Tech.


Carlos Fontes, +35 1213643514