Prof. Dr. Vincenza Faraco (Coordinator)

Associate Researcher and Aggregate Professor

University of Naples “Federico II”

Complesso Universitario Monte S. Angelo Via Cintia, 4 IT-80126 Napoli

Prof. Dr. Vincenza Faraco

Prof. Dr. Vincenza Faraco, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has consolidated expertise in the field of purification and characterisation of fungal enzymes, their recombinant expression, rational and random mutagenesis. Vincenza Faraco will lead the activities of UNINA Molecular and Environmental Biotechnology group (BMA) team of search for new feruloyl and glucuronoyl esterases by analyses and recombinant expression of fungal genes, directed evolution/site-directed mutagenesis of feruloyl and glucuronoyl esterases.

Prof. Dr. Faraco has expertise in leading and coordinate national and international projects. She is leader of UNINA for the Industrial research project ENERBIOCHEM PON01_01966 (2011-2014) funded by Ministry of University and Scientific Research in the frame of National Operative Programme Research and Competitiveness 2007–2013, leader of WP3 and member of executive board; she is coordinator of the EU funded Marie Curies IRSES project “Improvement of technologies and tools, e.g. biosystems and biocatalysts, for waste conversion to develop an assortment of high added value eco-friendly and cost-effective bioproducts” BIOASSORT-318931 2012-2016. Prof. Dr Faraco is Associate Member of the Committee ChemRAWN CHEMical Research Applied to World Needs of IUPAC.


Vincenza Faraco, vfaraco(at), +39 081674315/679895