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The starting point for KORRES is research and development: The company invests nearly 6% of its annual sales in R&D, a significant amount for its size, and a continuous priority in tune with its strategic focus on innovative product launches. The company’s statement is best encapsulated in the disclaimer accompanying its logo; Herbs, Co-operations, Extractions, Research. For all 4 major fields of interest KORRES has dedicated researchers, laboratories based in Greece and international collaborators with whom we envision and put into action our research objectives. The last few major skincare launches involved high-end products which combined cosmetology characteristics of natural formulation, and more importantly scientific findings as the arose from primary research in the fields of botany, phytochemistry, chemistry, physiology and biology.

KORRES currently caters for over 12,000 points of sale globally in 30 markets. More than 6,500 pharmacies are the core distribution network for KORRES products in Greece. The company aims at supporting and strengthening the positioning of pharmacies within the extremely competitive cosmetics retail market. In terms of its global presence, KORRES is set to continue growing, through targeted initiatives focusing on its top international markets, aiming to further strengthen the brand’s presence in both mature markets (US, UK, Germany, Spain) and those that present great potential (Russia, Scandinavian countries, Latin America). Due to KORRES’ global presence in recent years, KORRES has focused in skincare with a clear objective in antiageing.


Marianna Ralli, +30 2262054547