Chalmers University of Technology

Kemivägen 10
SE-41296 Göteborg

The Industrial Biotechnology research group at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology was established in 2008 and counts now 40 members. We work mainly on the design and utilisation of enzymes, microorganisms and processes for the use of carbohydrate-rich raw material  - like plant cell walls from agricultural and forest residues as well as algae - as feedstock for the production of a variety of chemical products (speciality chemicals, biologically active pharmaceutical ingredients, bulk chemicals), fuels (bioethanol) and materials in an environmentally sustainable way. The focus in our research lies both on the developement of efficient biocatalysts and the development of overall functional and viable production processes, with the main goals of optimsing the use of renewable raw materials and improving yield and productivity. Expertise in the group ranges from fermentation and plant cell wall enzymology to bioelectrochemical systems and algal biotechnology. 


Lisbeth Olsson, +46 317723805