Work Package 5: Industrial enzyme reactions and products

In this WP enzymatic performances will be optimised to enhance the yield (up to the theoretical yield of 100%) and productivity (up to 0.5-1g/l/h) of reactions giving the main targeted antioxidants: butyl ferulate, p-coumarate, caffeate, sinapate and 5-O-(trans-feruloyl)-arabinofuranose (using FAEs), glucuronate and benzyl glucuronate (using GEs). Reaction conditions will be also optimised using immobilised enzymes. FAEs and GEs will be also tested for production of other compounds with improved biological activity and properties of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity for cosmetic applications. A library of at least 300 substrates will be synthesised.

WP leader: Luleå University of Technology, Dr. Paul Christakopoulos