Work Package 1: Management and coordination

The broad aim of this work package is to assure the success of the project through coordinating the activities and maintaining an efficient and proactive relationship with the partners and the EC. In particular this work package intends to run parallel with the technical work package to achieve the highest standards of quality of deliverables. The project coordinator activities will include overall responsibility for ensuring appropriate planning and scheduling, reporting and documentation and organisation of coordination between partners, including financial management and liaison with the EC. The management is also to ensure timely delivery of activities from partners. Initially there was a kick off meeting to agree final rules and responsibilities, followed by organisation of several steering group meetings. The meetings will cover administration, reporting/claims, finance, risk and issues and any other business related to the project that may occur. All project meetings should take place in key project moments, preceded with agenda designed for most effective use of time and include up to date issues to be solved in order to ensure achieving project goals and summarised in minutes sent to all partners.

WP leader: University of Naples “Federico II”, Dr. Vincenza Faraco