The four-year project OPTIBIOCAT focuses on the development of novel enzymes for the sustainable and cost-effective production of compounds used in the cosmetic industry. OPTIBIOCAT brings together a broad interdisciplinary team of researchers, academics and industry experts and is funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) under the KBBE funding scheme.


  • Pichia 2016 Protein Expression Conference

    Pichia 2016 Protein Expression Conference

    05.08.2016 - The Pichia 2016 conference was held in Antalya in April, to discuss latest developments in the Pichia protein. OPTIBIOCAT partner, ProteoNic attended the two-day event, where attendees learned how this extraordinary system has progressed over the last 30 years, producing an ever-expanding variety of novel proteins. More

  • Korres speaks at Bio-Based Products World

    Korres speaks at Bio-Based Products World

    22.06.2016 - High profile researchers and industries came together in Amsterdam for this year’s Bio-Based Products World Europe event. Marianna Ralli from OPTIBIOCAT’s partner Korres was invited to speak at the event. In her presentation about Korres’ identity as a company, Marianna also highlighted Korres’ collaborations in consortia such as OPTIBIOCAT to develop green biobased raw materials. More




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