The four-year project OPTIBIOCAT focuses on the development of novel enzymes for the sustainable and cost-effective production of compounds used in the cosmetic industry. OPTIBIOCAT brings together a broad interdisciplinary team of researchers, academics and industry experts and is funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) under the KBBE funding scheme.


  • Mining enzymes for green cosmetics

    Mining enzymes for green cosmetics

    04.03.2016 - Market demand is increasing for cosmetics produced with natural enzymes based conversions rather than chemical reactions. European research has launched a major initiative that is sifting through the genomes of fungi and bacteria and directed evolved enzymatic variants for appropriate biocatalysts. More

  • OPTIBIOCAT 2015 Newsletter

    OPTIBIOCAT 2015 Newsletter

    25.01.2016 - We take a look back on 2015 – it was a productive year for OPTIBIOCAT. In November, the partners met at last years' EFIB in Brussels for the project's second workshop, which focused on enzyme expression in Pichia strains. The workshop brought together leading European experts in this field of research More




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